Merging CPS and ATUS


Th information provided regarding this limited. I would like to CSPID to merge files.

I am interested in merging pooled ATUS extract (2003 - 2018) with CPS files.
Would I merge the ATUS extract with each CPS file? I am only interested in obtaining the corresponding spouse’s information (income, education, age, Bpl, employment status) from the CPS

Is there any tutorial or further description regarding how this can be performed?

It sounds like you may have already checked out the documentation on IPUMS Time Use about linking these files with IPUMS CPS files. As this page notes, there are two ways to link ATUS data with CPS data.

The first is to use the pre-linked data. The scope of these pre-linked files is limited, but if these are all the data you need the linking task will be relatively easy.

The second is to use the person-level unique identifying variable CPSIDP (which is available in both IPUMS ATUS and IPUMS CPS) to link these data. Note that all individuals in the ATUS except for those who entered the ATUS household after the final CPS interview may be located in the final month of the household’s participation in the CPS as indexed by YEAR_CPS8 and MONTH_CPS8; see also PRESENCE for a quick way to identify cases that should link to CPS. Additional detail is explained on the CPSIDP variable description. Additional documentation that covers specific details such as how to adjust sampling weights in the linked sample is available here.

Finally, from what you’ve written above, it seems like you are primarily interested in obtaining spouse characteristics from the CPS data. Note that some of this information is already available in the ATUS data via the spouse characteristics variable group.