Looking to compile social and economic data from 1960-present for Woonsocket, RI- possible?

I’m looking to gather data on workforce and occupations, income, earnings and benefits, as well as on general demographics (ethnic, age and household composition, educ attainment, etc.) over time for the specific small city of Woonsocket, RI (each of the majors Census years from 1960-present). Have had no luck yet in my search, any help very welcome.

In general, this is a tricky task to complete with public use microdata. This is because such data has restrictions that are designed to protect respondent confidentiality. One of these restrictions is on geographic identification and so Woonsocket, RI is not able to be uniquely identified (via the CITY variable) in any Census sample since 1930.

An alternative is to pull this information from the aggregated tables available through IPUMS NHGIS. Since this project provides aggregated tables, the data are not subject to the same confidentiality restrictions as public use microdata. Therefore, you should be able to find the information you need in these tables. Give this project a look and feel free to email ipums@umn.edu if you have any specific questions.