How can I identify rent burden with SDA


I’m trying to figure out if I can determine the number of rent burdened households within a geography (e.g., a state) using the SDA online program. In the housing world the levels of rent burden are a household paying 31-50% of income for rent (“rent burdened”), and 51% or more for rent (“severe rent burdened”). In the approach I need to get monthly rent divided by monthly income.

Would it work like this?:
First I create a new variable (called “rentburden”) which is calculated as follows –
rentburden = rentgrs/(ftotinc/12)

Then to get the rent burden categories, my row variable would be:
rentburden(r: 0.3; .31-.5; .51-*)

Is this how it would be done?



Yes, your approach seems sensible to me. I’ll add that you could condition the entire calculation to include only households that are rented (OWNERSHP==2).



Thanks very much Jeffrey. I was worried that the rent was a household variable and family income a personal variable… but joining those two still seemed to be the one calculation that would get to rent burden.