How can I identify exchange enrollees and subsidy recipients in the IHIS?

How can I identify exchange enrollees and subsidy recipients in the IHIS?

Two variables that may be of interest to you are the EXCHANGE or CHIPXCHG variables. The EXCHANGE variable identifies if a person has a health insurance plan from a state or federal insurance marketplace (i.e. or a state health insurance marketplace. The CHIPXCHG variable is similar but instead pertains to health insurance coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Additionally, the IHIS site has a concordance that can be helpful when tracking down NHIS variables in the IHIS data.

Hi, is that CHIPXCHG variable still available in IPUMS? I am trying to identify children enrolled in CHIP; it’s not clear that using parental Medicaid participation will achieve the same thing.

CHIPXCHG is still available via IPUMS NHIS. Note that this variable reports if the child had CHIP coverage through the federal or state health insurance marketplace. You may also be interested in HICHIPE, which indicates if the child has CHIP coverage generally (rather than CHIP coverage acquired through the health insurance marketplace).

Thanks for responding! I am totally new to using IPUMS. Is the IPUMS NHIS you referenced a separate program? I couldn’t find CHIPXCHG in IPUMS. HICHIPE does sound better, thanks for the suggestion.


IPUMS NHIS is IPUMS’ harmonized version of the National Health Interview Survey. You can see other IPUMS datasets at; perhaps you searched for CHIPXCHG in one of our other harmonized datasets.