Harmonic Variable Changes and Historical Extracts

If there are changes to new CPS data (e.g. new categorization of industry codes), will historical data be updated for harmonic variables?

For example, let’s say last year I pulled data from 2000-2020. Now I want to extract 2021 CPS Monthly data and append it to the 2000-2020 extract. However, if the harmonic variables have changed in description or categories, then wouldn’t I need to also extract all 2000-2020 data again?

Given un-harmonic data, I know I wouldn’t have to “re-extract” historical data, but un-harmonic comes with the disadvantage of comparing one variable across a long span of time.

Yes, when there are changes to variable harmonization, these changes are applied to all months and years in the database. If the variables have changed since your last extract, you would not be able to just append the two files. You’ll need to download a new extract containing the earlier years and the new data. You can see changes that have been made to the variables on the revisions history page.

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