Extracted HOTWATER variable for ACS 2015, why is "3" an output value? How is it different from "1" or "2"?

Why is there the value 3 a possible output from my extraction? I am only running it for 2015 ACS, not all the way back to the 1960’s when the question was “is there piped water on the property but not household?”

What does the response output #3 mean, it does not seem exclusive/different from 1 or 2? The 2015 ACS questionnaire just asks if the household has hot/cold water–answer choices: yes or no.


The wording here is a bit confusing. In the 2015 ACS the code HOTWATER==3 indicates that the household does not have hot/cold piped water. If you look at the codes tab, you’ll notice that in the 2015 sample, the codes 1 and 2 do not have any cases associated with them. That is because, as you point out, in ACS samples this question just asks a yes or no question about if the household has piped hot/cold water. So, HOTWATER==3 implies “no” and ==4 implies “yes”.

I hope this is helpful.