Download samples for specific cities

Hello-For teaching purposes, I would like to download random samples of roughly 1000 observations from about 50-100 US cities, with about 20 basic demographic and economic variables such as sex, age, race/ethnicity, household size, employment status, income, education. Would IPUMS USA be an appropriate source for this, and if yes, could someone point me to the process for downloading data for a specific city (or perhaps I could download all cities at once, then sort, which would mean starting with 50K to 100K observations…). Help! :slight_smile:

IPUMS USA would certainly do the trick. This video tutorial provides a basic overview of how to create a custom dataset with IPUMS USA. You can leverage the “Select cases” tool in the final stages of submitting your data extract request to keep only cases with certain values (e.g., certain metropolitan areas) for the variables that you have included in your extract (e.g., CITY, METRO, or MET2013).