Crosswalking between 1% PUMA sample (2012-2018) and 2010 Counties

Hello! I am using the 1% ACS sample for pumas between 2012 and 2018, and want to understand some county-level characteristics for these pumas. I need a crosswalk between the 1% PUMAs and the 2010 county census boundaries.

Is there an issue with using the mcdc geocorr for 2010 counties and 2012 PUMAs? I am concerned that the crosswalk will be inaccurate because it is based on the 5% sample, but I need to use the 1% sample for year over year variability.

If there is an issue using the mcdc geocorr crosswalk, can anyone direct me to a crosswalk for the 1% 2012 PUMAs and 2010 counties?


There is no issue with using the geocorr crosswalk in this case. The distinction between 1% and 5% PUMAs is meaningful only for decennial samples before 2010. In the ACS, there’s no such distinction. Occasionally, there are still references to “5% PUMAs” (e.g., I think the ACS summary file field for PUMAs is labeled PUMA5), but these are legacy references that no longer really apply.