Can I obtain confirmation that an individual having lived in san diego until 1990 was not censed in 1990 Cense?

For the sake of acquiring the Italian nationality iure sanguinis a mexican citizen who lived in san diego from1884 until 1990 must provide evidence that it was not censed as a US citizen in the cense of 1990? is it possible?

Thank you

It is not possible to identify specific people in modern US census samples. Two details largely prohibit this. First, census samples only collect information on a small fraction of the entire population (e.g. 1% or 5%). Therefore it is much more likely for any individual to be not included in a sample, than to be included. Second, the US Census Bureau goes to great lengths to make it impossible to specifically identify known individuals within modern census samples. So, even if you know someone who was surveyed by the census, it should be impossible to specifically identify them in the public use files.