ALCSTAT2 for all years availability



I’m interested in the IPUMS variable ALCSTAT2 (ALCSTAT in NHIS) for the years 2007-2017. The current IPUMS availability is up to 2013, but the variable in NHIS looks like it should be consistent up to 2017. When will it be available for all years, or is there a consistency issue?

Thank you!


After looking up the most recent NHIS surveys, it seems that the variable ALCSTAT exists in the sample adult questionnaire (see page 298 of the 2017 questionnaire). So, unless I am missing something, it seems the ALCSTAT variable relates to the ALCSTAT1 variable in IPUMS NHIS—which is available through 2017. Is there some information available in ALCSTAT2 that is not available in ALCSTAT1 that you want to use? If you have any other information about the availability of this information outside of the sample adult questionnaire, please let us know.


The ALCSTAT variable in NHIS relates to a few variables in IPUMS (including ALCSTAT1), but the ALCSTAT2 variable gives the categories for alcohol consumption that I’m looking for. I was just confused why ALCSTAT2 wasn’t for all years if it’s based on ALCSTAT. Thank you!