Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend recipients in CPS ASEC: which variable would give the info?

I am studying the effect of APFD on work patterns and health. Where would I find the information? Eg: would it be included as income from SSI (INCSSI), Income from dividend (INCDRT)?

Thank you in advance

This is a tricky thing to pin down. The core issue is there is not a variable in the CPS that specifically identifies income from the Alaska Permanent Fund. It seems the most reasonable category would be INCDRT (income from dividends, rent, royalties, and trusts), however this variable is only available from 1976 through 1987. So, if you are analyzing more recent years, this variable will not be helpful. I am not aware of a variable that cleanly records receipt of income from the APF in more recent years. It might be helpful to reach out to the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation to see if they have any available data to share.

Another idea is to indirectly measure the effects of the APF on aggregate outcomes. This recent working paper examining the labor market impacts of the APF is a nice example of such a method.