2010 US census occupational code weirdness

Did you guys seriously collapse “Lawyers, and judges, magistrates, and other judicial workers” into a single category (code 2100). In all your earlier years (2005, 2000, 1990, 1980, etc.) going back to 1960 lawyers are a separate category. According to the census bureau, “lawyers” in 2010 was originally a separate category.


Lawyers 2100
Judicial law clerks 2105
Judges, magistrates, and other judicial workers 2110
Paralegals and legal assistants 2145
Miscellaneous legal support workers 2160

Why did you make it impossible to identify lawyers in 2010 when it was possible in every previous year going back to 1960?

The US 2010 sample is from the American Community Survey, and uses the original occupation codes found here. Note that code 2100 in the raw, original data has the label, “Lawyers, and judges, magistrates, and other judicial workers.” The collapsing of these codes did not occur on our end.