1.With data quality flags, do file won't finish, "qage already defined." 2.Only chose qincwage. Using STATA.

When selecting one data quality file, qincwage, it reports there are 23. The do file stops running, saying “qage already defined.” It shows qage in column 75-75 and again in 76-76. Not only are there data quality flags for all variables selected, not just the one I asked for, but each has two locations; hence the “already defined,” I guess. I really want to include data quality flags, especially on incwage. Help would be much appreciated.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this glitch. Please send an email to us at ipums@umn.edu with your login email address so we can investigate the issue further. Until then, you can fix the problem by editing your .do file and removing any extra column locations.